Bday wish list

Want list

Beginner Resin kit
Mech model kit (gundam, eva, etc)
Tales of Symphonia Radiant Dawn for Wii
Gift cards (Chapters, food places, mall, whatevers)
Leather Jacket
Book 3+ of the outlander series by Diana Gabaldon
Blood+ Boxset
.hack GU series for PS2
WoW time card
Chances are, anything anime, manga, video game, or dog related

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So, a few weeks ago, Wizard's Castle (The arcade I work at) closed down for renovations, and the staff there were moved to the new arcade, New Play. They have some really dumb rules there. Even if all the cleaning, tickets, other stuff etc, is done. You aren`t allowed to sit, ever, through the whole shift, not even standing still is acceptable. I realize some jobs are like that, but when there`s nothing else to do, what`s the harm in sitting for 5 minutes? That, I could probably get used to, but the noise is insane. The other two arcades aren`t that bad, they might take a bit of getting used to, but livable. But when you`re in a place for hours, and you need to yell just to here the person next to you, it can get sorta painful. o.o; I`ll admit, I`ve hidden my ear buds under my clothes and hair, just to get a bit of relief. The lights at the counter are pretty harsh, they`re meant to illuminate the prize cases, I guess, but honestly, after a few minutes, you start sweating, unpleasant. To add to that, the manager of the place, who no one likes in the first place, has made it so that the staff don`t have keys to anything but the ticket doors, and if they`re opening or closing, the front door, which makes it really hard to deal with almost any of the problems that come up. Game ate your tokens? Ticket counter jammed? There isn`t the right amount of balls in the ice ball, so it won`t start? Sorry, we can`t do a thing, the one in charge doesn`t think we`re worthy. Given that most of the staff there were transferred, it`s not like that sort of thing is new to us.

There is, however, one other person who has the keys. This being the manager`s friend, who she hired, seemingly only for that reason. This lady, older, has a real attitude. The first time I walked in there after she was hired. (maybe a week after, while I was still at Wizards) She was walking around bossing Lex and Cherry around. (People hired months earlier at Wizards, who were taken over there.)She`s horrible to the customers, too. For example, last week, we had a group of regulars in, they all had lots of tokens, so it`s not like they weren`t spending money. They were standing behind their friends, who were playing a racing game, waiting for them to finish so that they could play. Rae goes over there, and tells them that if they aren`t playing, they need to get out. They explain that they`re waiting their turn, and she just says that they need to go play another game until this one is free, or she boots them. No standing around. They leave, and the other (good) manager has to compensate them later. This is just one time. When something goes wrong with a machine, she basically tells the customer it`s their fault.

Cherry, shortly after being sent over there, came back to Wizard`s in tears, after hearing one too many insults from the manager. The manager has said she`s completely incompetent, can`t do anything right, and will never get anywhere. You just can`t please her. The company hates her, and keep demoting her, but apparently can`t get rid of her. I know from working with Cherry, that none of those things are true. She wasn`t allowed to close the store, and she wasn`t even allowed her own locker to keep her float in. She quit the next day, and found a job in the food court, which she`s really happy with.

Lex said he`s looking for a new job, too, guess even he, who`s really laid back, and is even okay with Rae, can only take so much. He got epically bitched out from half-closing the gave five minutes before we close. Oh, did I mention that Sheila doesn`t want us to tell people we`re closing, or make them leave? No, we`re supposed to stand there, and just wait for everyone to decide to go on their own, we`ve stood there an hour after closing, waiting for a handful of people to get the hint and leave. Even from a monetary standpoint, that doesn`t make any sense. Why pay us an extra hours wages for the group of people who aren`t spending more than a dollar or two, or even just standing around? Nice to get the extra pay, I guess, but when you just want to go home at the end of the day, it irritating, all the more so because there isn`t any reason for it.

Another minor thing. You have to keep every receipt you get, and initial it, solely because Sheila doesn`t trust anyone, and wants to `Look through them` regardless of the fact that if someone decides to take their`s home and save it, there`s no way to get an accurate count.

I haven`t seen any of this first hand, so I could be wrong, who knows, but apparently both Rae and Sheila have been making up stories. Rae told Sheila that when Neko was working, she sat down in the middle of the floor with Ryuko and Cherry to talk, and ignored the customers. Certainly not what I heard from them. Sheila told me that Cherry goes up to Ed`s to visit Ryuko, and they sit and talk, totally ignoring the customers, who are swearing, and needing to be helped. I`ve worked with these people, and I`ve never seen that sort of behavior from them, except a couple of times with Neko. Never Cherry. The story from them was that a customer had been helped and was swearing because they were pissed that Ryuko couldn`t do anything about the credits already in the machine when it glitched. Sheila is now thinking of banning Cherry from Ed`s.

Anyways, what I was getting at with this (very satisfying) rant, was that, although minor things on their own, these things just make working there unpleasant, when added all together. The good manager says, everytime they`re in there, that she hates it, and doesn`t want to work there, it`s no fun like Wizard`s was. That`s saying something.

There are a few good things about working there. You constantly find random money of the floor, I think I found like three loonies and a bunch of other stuff today. You`re actually allowed to take a lunch break, most of the time manage to keep busy and you do manage to find tokens in some places. Which is good, since it`s the biggest arcade, with the best games, but I`m thinking the bad outweighs the good with this place, or that`s how I feel right now, anyway.

Anyways, good news, one of the guys working at Ed`s (Lex`s room-mate) quit totally out of the blue yesterday, and basically, after having asked before, I`m being transferred to Ed`s as of Monday. I don`t know what the hours will be like, and I`ll probably be bored out of my mind, and it still won`t be Wizard`s, but at least I`ll get away from some of this stuff. I`m praying it`ll work out, but for now, I`m really happy about it. Yays!

How it went

So, got home from my second day at work a couple of hours ago. I'm finding that, much unlike the boringly easy job I was promised during the week, the weekends, and this weekend in particular, since it's a long weekend, can get really busy in there. Didn't have time to eat today, so I basically scarfed down my lunch as soon as I got off the bus after work. I'm sort of glad though, since this will be a good chance to learn what I need to know before I'm on my own on Wednesday. I've basically got the hang of where each tier of prizes are, and how much they cost, and doing the bit of paper work at the beginning and end of each shift. I'm going to have to try unjamming the machines again tomorrow, if I get a chance, just to make sure I've got it, and will still need to learn what one or two of the keys do, but other than that, I think I've pretty much got it. I think I've got closing down, and I'll be learning opening tomorrow. The getting there and back doesn't seem too bad so far, mostly because IT gives me a ride to work, and although I'm going to have to take the bus back a good portion from here on, Joel offered to pick me up on the days his schedule will allow.

I transferred schools, too. The learning store is really great, the best I've been to in fact, but now, especially with the job, the distance, and the time it takes to get there and back is going to be more inconvenient. I've enrolled in Next Step here in the Park, it's basically the same thing, only that it's closer, and larger. The only real question is if the teachers there are going to be any help. I truly hope so, I don't want to regret the switch. They're starting me out on Learning strats, which might be a good idea, get the smaller, easier credits as quickly as possible. I'll have to check, and figure out which teachers are in when, and work my schedule around that.

I'm glad I'll be able to keep busy now, as one of my oldest friends decided we shouldn't talk anymore, and my awesome fellow insomniac friend, who I spent a good portion of my nights with has moved to Vancouver for school. He got accepted to Van Arts a while back on his drawings alone. I'm proud of him, but not having my night walker partner around sucks. I'm hoping I'll be able to see more of a couple of other friends more often. With Nano coming up, it'll be nice to see some familiar faces.

Guess I should try to get some sleep now. Have to BE at work by 9:45, god, and coffee help me.

With stuff happening,

Oh crap, and other stuff.

Okay, so I have the place to myself this weekend. A friend just left, and I'm too tired to game, but still awake and restless. And a little paranoid. A friend is going camping this weekend, and left a message on my cell, with his facebook password, telling me to log-in, and harvest his crops on a mini-game thingie. It seems, according to the friend that was over at the time (camping boy's best friend) that he uses the same password for everything. So, just out of pure evil curiosity coming from friend's mind, we decided to try his password for msn. No way we'd actually ever use it, but the curiosity is killer. (I'll throw the password out after the weekend) Anyways, I tried it as soon as he left, and was about to text him the results, when I thought better of it. It doesn't take him very long to get home, and he left around 5 last night, waking up his grandparent, who are visiting his place. That didn't go very well, and since he left later then he was supposed to tonight, he was gonna try to be really quiet getting home tonight. Anyways, I was about to hit cancel, and out of epic stupid habit, I hit send. I don't think it was a long enough time for him to get home, but man, would I feel epic stupid if he did manage to get home, and his cell goes off, waking people up, and getting him in trouble. Ack, I'm sorta freaking out about it. I won't be able to ask him about it either, since he's leaving for a week trip to Washington in the morning. *guilty sigh* Well, here's hoping my time perception doesn't suck. (Update: he came online as I was typing this, and he was still en route, so, no epi-fail here, phew!)

In other news, hmm... Quad, a four day SCA event is this weekend. It's out in the middle of no where, in Saskatchewan. It's one of the biggest events, and has a ton of events, and vendors. There's a castle shoot, and everything. No drinkable water, real camping style. Unfortunately, the friend I was going to go with, added up the damage for rent and bills, and decided that he really can't afford it this month. Too bad, since honestly, though I would love to go, four days straight out in the heat is just too much, thus why we were just going to go for a couple of days. I had a few other people offer rides, but they're all going for the full event. It's going to be a friend's 23rd B-day out there, and he was epic guilt tripping me about not going. I dunno, maybe I can bake him a cake or something when he gets back. Usually Quad is during A-thon, this being one of the few years that it isn't, so although I'm disappointed, it might be for the best... Someone gotta take care of the pups, I suppose, they don't do very well in kennels, and Animethon's next weekend, and I wouldn't want to be too burnt out from Quad to enjoy it.

Speaking of A-thon. It's really coming up quick, I'm having a hard time believing it's only a week away. I don't have a room at the dorms this year. The friend I've roomed with for the last couple years is being something of a douche recently, but that's another topic entirely. Instead, my plan was to stay with someone else, at one of the hotels about a block away. She's staying anyways, so she said she wouldn't charge me the full half price, just an amount to help cover the cost. That said, she told me how much it would be just yesterday, and it's far more than I expected. I'll probably have to stay there, now that I said I would, but man, I wasn't expecting that. Ironic that this would be the only time I can ever remember, that I didn't demand a price before agreeing. Staying close to the con adds an extra specialness to the event, which is why I do it, but it's really not worth the price she's asking. I'll talk to her, and see if we can work something out.

I'm gonna be volunteering as Security again, or Mod, as they're calling it this year. Seems like I've gotten a few people into doing it. I guess I ranted about it enough last year, that people are following my lead. A good thing for the con, but I must admit, I'm a little disappointed too, for some reason. In any case, my friend Jordan has signed us up to be partners, which is a good thing, since I have another friend doing it this year, and although he's fine to be around in small doses, prolonged periods don't really work out, just a fundamental personality clash. The Volunteer Dinner is going to be after the con at Japanese Village on Sunday evening, I've heard. That'll be nice, I really enjoyed Korean Village last year.

I have a noob coming for some of the con, I know he's not pleased about me doing security, but this is my main event of the year, and I'm not compromising the experience for him. I'll show him around, but I won't change my plans like I did at Otafest.

A good friend of mine is thinking she might go to the lake during A-thon, so that'll be too bad if she does. She's normally the one I hang-out with most.

That's about all I've been up to lately. I handed in an app to Cineplex a couple days ago, and the manager said they'll be hiring in a couple of weeks, so I should expect a call back around then, which works out well for me. Here's hoping.

*yawns* Jordan woke me up by appearing at the door today, and he'll probably do the same again, so I should probably try to get some sleep now. This rant has been good for the soul.

Off to bed with me,

Epic sale

So, on Friday night, there was a semi-secret sale at a pawn-shop in Edmonton, open to staff and their guests only. Everything was priced at what it cost the store to get the stuff. IT's friend managed to get us in, and oh man, I shopped.


Heroes season one box-set
Dragon Ball Z season 7 box-set
Memoirs of a Geisha
Horror Classics
The Crow: City of Angels
Underworld Evolution

PS3 games:
Assassin's Creed
Prince of Persia

PS2 games:
Ghost in the Shell: SAC
Gran Turismo 3
Need for Speed: Underground 2
Burnout 3

A Rock Band 2 Guitar

I realize that a couple of the games aren't too great, but I figure if I don't like them, I can always re-sell them, probably for about the same price I paid, if not more. It was awesome.

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B-day presents:


IT: Rock Band 2 for the PS3
Lirin: Vampire Academy book 1
Joel: Epicly awesome poem
Devin: Mass Effect for the PC
Chris: $20 gift-card for EB Games (paid $35 of the $50 for ToS, in exchange for the giftcard)
S+H: $30
Debbie: $25
Alycia: $20 gift-card for EB games, and a $10 gift-card for Tim Hortons.
Koosh: Bleach Character Book

Happy Shopping Day!

Happy Shopping Day!

So, boxing day is always one of the best times to take advantage of great deals, and today, for what I believe is the first year I've done it, (aside from going along to Best Buy to buy a TV last year) I went shopping, and oh, it was fun. No clothes shopping for me, oh no. First place I went this morning was EB Games. There was a line up by the door a 15min before they open. (People could have been their longer, but I just happened to show up then, since I didn't have a clue when they open, but figured it had to be sometime around 9:30 am.) This is the little store in the mall, so it was amusing that they had to start rerouting the lineup to curl around the back of the store, in an effort to keep it inside once it opened. Anyways, they had some pretty good deals. This includes a discount on a Wiimote charging station, (I don't know how much they are regular, so I couldn't say how much of a discount) which was perfect, since I'd been planning to get one in the near future anyways, cause man, do those Wiimotes ever eat up batteries, especially when you use the internet browser for youtube as much as I do. (AMVs on the big TV ftw!) They had a selection of used PS2 games for 9.99 each, which I was tempted by, but didn't get anything from. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn was on sale for $24, half off of the regular $50, so I grabbed that. They were giving away free Edge cards with game purchases, for the first 100 people, too, so I've got one of those now. Beyond getting 10% off of some purchases, I'm not entirely sure what the perks of having one are yet, so I'm going to have to check that out. That was all I got from EB.

Went home and ate, packed up the PS3, and headed off to Best Buy, hoping they wouldn't be out the good stuff by the time I got there, since they opened around 6:00am, and this was now around noon. It was absolutely packed. I mean, I saw it last year and all, but it was still something. Walking around with a winter coat on, especially with all of the huge TVs and other things being lugged around was no easy feat. So, I was wrong to buy a PS3 and Guitar Hero a few days before Christmas. I figured, if they didn't have any specials on for Christmas, they might not after, and if they did, and could always just return them, and rebuy the specials. *sweatdrops* Boxing day is the day to buy. XD They did indeed have specials. Buy a PS3 and get Little Big Planet for free. Because they don't do returns and exchanges on boxing day, or the day after, I basically bought another PS3, got the game, and will be returning the first PS3 on Monday. A similar situation with Guitar Hero, I overheard one of the workers saying that they'd been marking down Guitar Hero a good few times already. Sure enough, it was marked down by about $50, woo! I went to the game section to check out the games, and although most of the games I wanted were sold out, (Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry 4, etc.) I picked up Metal Gear Solid 4 for about half price. FPS aren't exactly my thing, but I've heard so much good about it, I figured I'll try it. Found a 100pack of Fuji film DVD-R for $20, too. It's a great price, but I'm still not sure if it's worth it, since I still have almost all of my last pack left. *shrugs* At least I won't have to buy any for a long, long time!

The line up was nearly to the back of the store, so it took a while for me to get my massive Guitar Hero box, PS3, game, and dvds to the front counter and pay. While waiting for IT to bring the car upto the door for the boxes, I realized something wasn't right with what they charged. Upon inspection of the receipt, I realized they charged me full price for Guitar Hero, rather than the marked down price. Luckily, they agreed to fix it right away. I guess from the time I first went by there, and this time, it was marked down again, so I got a $84 refund, not bad at all! By the time we got everything to the car, I remembered that there was a sale on an 8gb SanDisk SDHC card for $20. Unfortunately, there wasn't any left on the rack by the time I got there, but as I was about to leave, I happened to see one in front of a bunch of other 4gb cards. It was the only one I could see, so I guess I got lucky! I'm currently using a 2gb micro SD card in my DS flash Kart, and it's almost full, so I figure, with this thing, there's no way I'll be running out of room anytime soon, not to mention the great price. Back through the line, and home with the new shinies I go.

That was the extent of my shopping, it was great. If too tempting at times. (I was so tempted by the sales on a couple of other games, and a couple of those external hard drives, and the cameras, and th-- *gonks* Anyways!) Now I just have to worry about those returns on Monday! My poor bank account.

What's been going on lately! AKA: the newly mandatory post!

Alright, so I'm determined to make myself post on LJ more, for some reason, I keep putting it off. So, here's what's been happening lately. Hmm, where to start.

Well, a couple of weekends ago, Freya, Merric and I got together, and went to "On the Rocks" on Jasper ave, to see King Muskafa, who are taking the stage there, every Sunday night for a while. We ran into Litton on the bus, and she told us about another bar down Whyte ave the has celt night on Tuesdays, I'm gonna have to ask her for the name of it again. Freya got us a veggie platter, and I got some poutine, while we were waiting. King Muskafa is pretty good, I can see why Freya's so addicted. Might go again some time soon.

The following night, I joined Freya, Merric, and Katsia (sp) for an evening of random anime watching. We bought munchies, and hung out at Freya's. Still kinda bummed I didn't bring Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, would have been great. We watched Mushishi, Kaiba, and Planetes, as well as a few other things.

Went to Tnasha's B-day party on the 30th, Freya, Merric and I met up at Tnasha's place, and we hung out at her place for a bit, before taking the bus to WEM. Something amusing during the walk to the bus stop, there was an elderly man walking his dog, he wasn't the most... Esthetically pleasing of people, to put it nicely. Being my dog loving self, and seeing that the dog was looking up at us and trying to come over, all cute like, I was all `Hey cutie!` to the dog, and the old guy`s head jerks up, seems like he may have thought I talking to him. Ack! Anyways, after walking the mall for a while, we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for supper, and Tnasha called her friend Joey to join us. They`ve got really good prices, I must say! $10 for Spaghetti with meat sauce, tea, and ice-cream afterward is nice! Freya bought the card game Munckin at Comex Hobby, so we were playing that while waiting for our meals, I think Tnasha was bored. ^^; I loved it though, really tempted to get it now. Went to Arcade after. Playing Drum Mania again, has just refueled my desire to get a PS3, so I can get Rock Band. Was a good time.

On Sunday, Merric and I went to the Backstreet Boys Concert. *waits for laughter* They sound exactly like they used to, which is great. In a fit of Nostalgia, I bought the tickets, hoping that they'd be singing some of their older stuff, and they didn't disappoint. I think I almost split my lip, grinning like crazy when they played Everyone, and Backstreet's Back. I bought a tshirt, and a burger right before the concert, we managed to make it back to our seats with our food just as the lights were dimming for the opening act "Girlicious" I... may have pulled out my DS and been reading my beautiful ebooks during most of that act. *sweatdrops* Honestly, having realized that night that I've been a fan of BSB for over 10 year, I almost feel old. Yeah, pure awesome.

Went to Neko-chan's cosplay party on Monday. We met up at South Gate, and took the bus back to her place. They gave me an Anime Alberta tshirt, which is awesome, I didn't even know AA tshirts had even been made! We managed to catch the bus to West Ed, and met a Death Note fan, and her boyfriend on the bus. Once we finally got to WEM, we finally realised that, Hey! It's a holiday, that's why everything is closing already! XD; TnT was still open though, so we went through there, bought Ramune, and "Sea Salt ice-cream" We pretty much just hung out in the mall for a couple of hours, and then got some food. Everyone left after that, as our buses came. It was quite a bit of fun, despite not having done much.

This past Tuesday, I went in to see if I can get into the Learning Store, and sure enough, I'm accepted. This means that I'm gonna have to start right over with a few subjects, but there's teachers there that you can go to for help, which is the main reason I want to go there, not having a teacher of any sort is a real bitch when you get stuck. Having some sort of assurance of assistance is such a huge relief to me, I'm fairly optimistic about my chances of finally getting somewhere with this whole finishing high school thing. So far, so good.

Wednesday, was Tavern night again, I was a bit late, but met Alaria and Koosh as soon as I got in the door. Turns out, Alaria is now addicted to World of Warcraft. I'm so proud! XD I'm gonna have to make a new char on here RP server, and join their guild. Anyways, the three of us discussed WoW for a bit, before Sam 2 came out and found us, followed by Sam 1. More random chatting. Turns out they had food left up front this month! Very tasty butter chicken and nan bread! (I went and bought that sauce directly afterward.) More chatting inbetween mouthfulls. Alaria's mom mentioned that they had some garb in their car, about my size, that they were looking to give away. So, I now have some garb of my own, no more Gold Key for me!

Had to cancel this weekends anime marathon, due to company coming from Saskatchewan. Gonna have to miss the Harvest Touney that's going on this Sunday down by Red Deer, as well as the Garrison's picnic, also on Sunday, tis a bummer. We're rescheduling the marathon for the 20th, hopefully that'll work out.

As for upcoming events, Koosh's B-day is on the 13th, on the same day as Nessa's next call to garb, at Zen Sushi, so she's thinking that we can go through the corn maze before dinner, and make a day of it, will be fun!

Neko-chan's B-day is on the 14th, dunno if she's planning to do anything.

Lirin's 19th B-day is on the 19th, which also happens to be one of her lucky numbers, so she's pretty excited, pretty cool! I still haven't figured out what I'm gonna get her though, gonna have to hurry up and think of something. Hopefully we'll be able to do something around that time.

Nanowrimo is approaching quickly once again. We're having an all ages countdown this year, I've heard. Figures the first year I could go to the Countdown (usually held Halloween night at a bar, Hudsons, I think.) it's all ages, ah well! XD; I still don't have a plot, hoping something'll come to me.

Thinking about, assuming I have time before the countdown, of course, going on a tour of haunted places in Edmonton, led by Litton's daughter.

That's pretty much everything I could possibly think of. Will have to do this more often, in smaller, more frequent posts. XD;